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Dress and Manners

You should dress neatly, appropriately and in good taste, and exhibit courtesy and dignified behavior at all times, especially when you are representing the university. These actions are also essential to a successful career. Various departments and/or programs may have specific dress codes or other requirements. You should familiarize yourself with any that apply to you.

Also, communication devices, such as cellphones, pagers, etc., may not be used in the classrooms, libraries, computer labs, Center for Academic Support or any academic-related facility and must be turned off, set to vibrate or otherwise rendered inaudible.

For additional information see the following policies:

  • Uniform policy for culinary and hospitality labs
  • Hat policy

Professional Dress Policies for Academic Classes

As a student at Johnson & Wales University, it benefits you to treat every class day as an interview day so that you’re always prepared to impress. With industry representatives on campus almost every day of the year, you will want to look sharp — your next boss may be the guest speaker in your class or an employer visiting campus to recruit employees.

  • Students should remain in full professional dress while attending class and while within academic buildings between classes.
  • In academic classes, culinary arts and baking & pastry arts students have the option of wearing their full culinary uniform with the exception of the hat, apron, knife/pastry kit and side towel, or full professional dress.
  • Students on internships may have specific requirements and should contact their experiential education coordinator for more information.
  • Failure to follow professional dress policies is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and may result in disciplinary action.
  • For information on reasonable accommodations, contact the Center for Academic Support at 305-892-7026.
  • Professional Dress Standards for men and women are listed below.


Apparel Item Acceptable Unacceptable
ShirtsAny color long-sleeved or short-sleeved, spread or button-down collar dress shirtsPullover shirts
Must be tucked into dress pantsPolo-style shirts
Classic patterns (i.e., subtle stripes, checks) or solidNo tie; loose or sloppy ties
Worn with a tie tied snugly around neck
ShoesBlack or brown dress shoes in good conditionSneakers
Worn with dress socks matching your pantsSandals or flip flops
PantsDress slacks (solid colors or subtle, classic patterns)Overly baggy or poorly fitting pants
Worn at waist, not hipsJeans or jean-style pants
Properly hemmedUnhemmed pants
OuterwearButton-up cardigan sweaters (solid colors or subtle classic patterns)Pullover sweaters or sweatshirts
Professional suit jacket or blazer (solid colors or subtle, classic patterns)Athletic or casual jackets (i.e., nylon, denim)
GroomingHair must remain neutral in color
Neatly trimmed facial hair or clean shavenTattered, wrinkled clothing
Clean, ironed clothing
AccessoriesUniversity-issued nametag (required)Facial jewelry
A dress belt that matches your shoesHats or headwear
Modest earrings



Apparel Item

Acceptable Unacceptable


Long-sleeved or short-sleeved blouse appropriate for business (button-down or a shell worn with a business suit)

Plunging necklines
  Pullover, dressy sweaters Bare midriffs
    Pullover sweaters with a hood
    Halter tops, spaghetti straps or sleeveless tops
Shoes Solid Color Shoes Sneakers
  Close-toed shoes Strappy sandals or flip flops which expose the feet

Peep-toe shoes

Pants/Skirts Full length, hemmed dress slacks worn at waist, not hips Capri-style pants or shorts
  Skirts worn at waist, not hips Overly baggy, tight or poorly fitting pants
  Skirt length should fall no higher than at the knees Mini-skirts
  Solid colors or subtle, classic patterns Jeans or jeans-style pants
    Casual dresses
    Unhemmed pants
Outerwear Button-up cardigan sweater (solid colors or subtle, classic patterns) Pullover sweaters with a hood and sweatshirts
  Professional suit jacket or blazer (solid colors or subtle, classic patterns) Athletic or casual jackets (i.e., nylon, denim)
  Sweater vest  
Grooming Hair must remain neutral in color  
  Clean, ironed clothing Tattered, wrinkled clothing
  Conservative makeup  
Accessories University nametag (required) Visible piercings other than earrings (i.e., nose, lip, tongue)
  Neutral hosiery Hats, flashy headbands or headwear (bandanas, scarves)
  Modest jewelry  
  Simple hair accessories (i.e., small headband, plain bobby pins)  


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