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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is applicable to all students, including those in an approved off-campus program. For purposes of financial aid eligibility, full-time status is determined on a term basis and consists of a minimum of 12 quarter credit hours per term. When repeating courses already attempted, students may be assessed a fee for those courses. Students are assessed tuition upon course registration each term. Summer is considered a separate term.

Tuition Fee
Academic Courses$204 per quarter credit hour/$918 per course
Laboratory courses$403 per quarter credit hour/$1,209 per lab

Disciplines CUL (Culinary Arts) and BPA (Baking & Pastry Arts) mostly designate laboratory courses.

Wildcat Meals

Students may purchase blocks of meals through our Wildcat Meal plan. Wildcat meals may be used at any time and as many times as the student wishes during the academic year. Meals are bought in blocks and can be purchased online

All of the meals must be used before the end of the academic year in which they are purchased. The cost of the plan is nonrefundable. 

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