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Tuition and Fees

The following tuition and fees schedule is effective for the 2016–17 academic year. Tuition and fees are subject to change annually.

Undergraduate Tuition

Tuition is applicable to all students, including those in approved off-campus programs such as study abroad and internships. Students enrolled in courses in excess of a normal full-time schedule will be assessed an additional tuition charge. For purposes of tuition billing and financial aid eligibility, full-time status is determined on a term basis and consists of 12 to 21 quarter credit hours per term. Students carrying more than 21 quarter credit hours will be charged for each quarter credit over 21. When repeating courses already attempted, students may be assessed a fee for those courses. Students are assessed tuition upon course registration each term. Summer is considered a separate term. The quarter credit hour rate is $563. 

Tuition Fee
Annual Tuition$30,396
Orientation Fee$350
Student Health Insurance$1,476 annually
Tier 1$9,243
Tier 2$8,268
Tier 3$7,272
Meal Plans*
18 meals per week/$150 annual flex dollars$3,693
14 meals per week/$150 annual flex dollars$3,276

Meal Plans, in addition to denoted meals, include pre-determined flex dollars that may be redeemed for supplementary food items at your campus dining facility.

Wildcat Meals

Students may purchase blocks of meals through our Wildcat Meal plan. Wildcat meals may be used at any time and as many times as the student wishes during the academic year. Meals are bought in blocks and can be purchased at your campus dining facility.

All of the meals must be used before the end of the academic year in which they are purchased. The cost of the plan is non-refundable. 

50 meal block$418
25 meal block$209
10 meal block$84
Meal price paid at door$8.40

Reservation Fee and Other Fees

Reservation Fee

The $300 reservation fee is payable upon acceptance to the university. The university observes the May 1 reservation fee/deposit deadline and encourages students to research all schools before placing a reservation fee. Reservation fees received after May 1, 2016 will be accepted on the basis of space availability. Reservation fees received prior to May 1, 2016 are refundable. Students must also have an approved payment plan with Student Academic & Financial Services by July 15, 2016 to guarantee a room assignment. Students who establish an approved payment plan after July 15, 2016 could be placed in a temporary assignment regardless of fee payment date, although Residential Life will make every effort to assign students to permanent room assignments.

Requests for refunds of the reservation fee will be granted upon written request to the university prior to May 1, 2016. After May 1, 2016 the reservation fee of $300 (or $150 of such fee in the case of applicants to the North Miami Campus) is nonrefundable.

Orientation Fee

This nonrefundable fee, which is uniformly charged, is required of all new students for orientation and term start activities. It is charged to students who start during the fall, winter or spring term.

Medical Health Coverage While Enrolled

All registered undergraduate day students, both domestic and international; all students enrolled in the physician assistant degree program; and all international graduate and doctoral students attending Johnson & Wales University are required to have health insurance coverage that is accepted in the United States. If students have health insurance coverage through other means (i.e., parent’s health insurance or an employer program), they do not have to enroll in the Johnson & Wales student health insurance plan. They can opt out of/waive the university plan by submitting the online waiver form to demonstrate evidence of coverage. A new waiver form must be submitted each academic year. Students who are required to have health insurance and do not waive the Johnson & Wales University plan will be charged for it. The online waiver form and details of the plan, including the full brochure and benefit flyer, can be found on the Health Services page of the JWU website.

Graduate Tuition

The following tuition and fees schedules are effective for the 2016–17 academic year for programs at the Providence and Denver campuses. Tuition and fees are subject to change annually.

Tuition Fee
MBA Program Providence$438 per credit
MBA Program Providence$1,971 per 4.5 credit course
M.A.T./M.Ed.$334 per credit
M.A.T./M.Ed.$1,503 per 4.5 credit course
Additional Fee Online Providence$112 per course
Ed.D. Program$837 per credit
Ed.D. Program$5,022 per 6 credit course
Dissertation Fee$1,572 per semester
MBA Program Denver$463 per credit
MBA Program Denver$2,083 per 4.5 credit course
Student Health Insurance $1,476 annually
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